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[edit] New Zealand Social Statistics Network

The New Zealand Social Statistics Network (NZSSN) was recently established (November 2004) to assist in the development of quantitative social science research in the academic, government and private research sectors. The intent of the network is to provide a focus for both sharing research development resources and improving the accessibility of quantitative research data.

NZSSN's intent and activities are based on those of the Australian Consortium of Social and Political Research Incorporated (ACSPRI).

NZSSN's activities include research methods courses, seminar series, workshops and hosting international visitors in association with national and international colleagues. NZSSN hosted a week-long short course on using mixed methods in research and program evaluation in 2005, and followed up with a 2006 summer programme, including 5 short courses (check out the details and course evaluations). The 2007 equivalent took place in February, with three short courses taught in Wellington.

In addition, NZSSN has held a large number of seminars in advanced quantitative methods, and workshops on event history modelling and social simulation (both microsimulation and agent-based).

Daniel Patrick Research Programme Manager Social Statistics Research Group The University of Auckland

ph +64 9 373 7599 ext 89563 mobile + 64 21 899 456 fax + 64 9 373 7986

Private Bag 92019 Auckland New Zealand

[edit] Primary care in an ageing society: a modelling approach (PCASO)

Primary Contact
Peter Davis

A three-year project funded by the Health research Council of NZ (HRC). The overall aim of the research proposal is to establish a working, computer-based model of the primary care system in New Zealand in its social context and to test propositions about its functioning and development under different scenarios of demographic ageing. Advanced methodological techniques will be applied in simulation, modelling, and statistical matching.

[edit] Network of Excellence for CNC

NetExCNC (Network of Excellence for CNC) is a nation-wide, non-profit, independent platform for knowledge exchange, technology updates and business support in the areas of Computer Numerically Controlled manufacturing technologies. Its main aim is to give New Zealand industry and the research groups the access to an interactive problem board, where one can engage with the online community to provide and obtain solutions to members’ day-to-day manufacturing issues. NetExCNC is also a collegial body for potential funding applications to support business R&D.

Contact person: Xun W Xu (PhD)
Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
School of Engineering, University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019, Auckland Mail Centre
Auckland 1142, New Zealand
Tel: ++64 9 373 7599 ext. 84527, Fax: 64 9 373 7479
http://www.engineers.auckland.ac.nz/~xxu008/Template:Network of Excellence for CNC

[edit] Macraes TerraSpec

Project Lead
Dr Jeff Mauk
Project Description
  • This site contains information that relates to a January 2007 TerraSpec survey of drill core from the Macraes gold mine in Central Otago.
  • The survey was designed to test whether changes in phyllosilicates occur near the mineralised zone, and is a collaborative project between the University of Auckland, The University of Otago, and Oceana Gold Ltd.

[edit] Austronesian Basic Vocabulary and Bantu Language Databases

Project Lead
Prof Russell Gray, Psychology, tel: 88525
Simon Greenhill, Psychology, Assistant Research Fellow, tel: 85506
.5 TB, VM
Project Description
  • Austronesian Basic Vocabulary Database: This database contains 125,000 lexical items from 580 languages spoken throughout the Pacific region. These languages all belong to the Austronesian language family, which is the largest family in the world. It contains between 1,000 and 1,200 languages.
  • Bantu Language Database: This database contains 2,388 lexical items from 6 Bantu languages

[edit] NZ NEES @ Auckland

Project Lead
Assoc. Prof. Jason Ingham, Civil & Environmental Engineer, tel: 87803
2 TB
Project Description
  • New Zealand Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulations, a network for collaborative Earthquake Engineering research to mitigate the impacts of earthquake related effects.
  • A project with research partners from United States, United Kingdom, Taiwan and China.
  • The remote controlling and participation of experiments requires a large volume of numeric and video data to be exchanged in real time.
  • Focus areas of research include: Integrated structure-foundation design of bridges, Self-centering structural systems and Distributed hybrid testing.