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BeSTGRID doesn't exist anymore

Please go to NZ eScience Infrastructure (or CeR if you belong to University of Auckland, Landcare Research or University of Otago). (And yes, you might still be redirected to a BeSTGRID branded join page due to legacy reasons, but be assured that it is now a NeSI service.)

Supported by MoRST
Supported by MoRST
What is BeSTGRID? - Media and Presentations

BeSTGRID delivers services and tools to support research and research collaboration, on shared data sets, and in accessing non trivial amounts of computational resources.

BeSTGRID is funded from early 2009 to June 2010 from the Ministry of Research Science & Technology eResearch budget, to further evolve eResearch infrastructure in New Zealand, including specialised applications and services for both Geo and Bio sciences, and lower levels of middleware. The project will publish several reports defining plans for implementation of these applications, services, and middleware, along with a final report to outline the current and possible future eResearch infrastructure strategies. This site contains all of the technical documentation relating to the BeSTGRID project, please see the main BeSTGRID Website for information about the project and getting started.

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The BeSTGRID Data GRID: Over 100 Terabytes of Data Storage for Research Data distributed between Auckland, Canterbury and Massey. A data grid is a grid computing system that deals with data—the controlled sharing and management of large amounts of distributed data. These are often, but not always, combined with computational grid computing systems.

Many scientific and engineering applications require access to large amounts of distributed data (terabytes or petabytes). The size and number of these data collections has been growing rapidly in recent years and will continue to grow as new experiments and sensors come on-line, the costs of computation and data storage decrease and performances increase, and new computational science applications are developed.


BeSTGRID's Sakai Virtual Research Enviroment (VRE) facilitates collaboration and communication for specialist research communities within New Zealand.

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Recent News and Events


25 January
Job Advertisement: Auckland's Centre for eResearch are looking for a Software and Systems Developer, to contribute to technical leadership within their eResearch related programmes. Applications close 10 February 2010. More information is available online.
10 December
Announcement: BeSTGRID have deployed AusCERT certificates for its core services, from the newly established Australian Access Federation and AusCERT certificates.
19 November
Announcement: A collaborative vision for HPC and eResearch for New Zealand. BeSTGRID and BlueFern develop a collaborative vision for High Performance Computing and eResearch for New Zealand.
9 - 13 November
eResearch Australasia 2009 - notes from the annual Australasian conference on eResearch, which included a large contingent of New Zealand participations and presentations.
20 October
eResearch@Otago 2009 - presentations now available including several by the BeSTGRID community.
21 - 25 September
EGEE 2009 - notes from the pan European grid computing and eResearch community annual gathering to discuss progress and plan their transition to their new form, the European Grid Initiative (EGI).
22 September
eResearch@Lincoln 2009.
14 September
BeSTGRID Spring Retreat 2009 was held, with 9 participants facilitated in a joint planning session on BeSTGRID's grid middleware.
2 August
KAREN CBF - Transient Radio Events Sensor Network
The science team of Dr Slava Kitaeff (AUT), Dr Tim Molteno (UO) and Dr Melanie Johnston-Hollitt (VUW) with the technology support team of institutions BeSTGRID (Mr Nick Jones), BlueFern (Mr Peter Helms) and VentureSouthland (Mr Robin McNeil) were successful in obtaining a grant from the 2009 KAREN Capability Fund for a project entitled "Searching for the Unknown: Transient Radio Events Sensor Network".
2 July
BeSTGRID Winter Retreat 2009 was held at Auckland to identify lead user groups driving BeSTGRIDs activities, and to feed into strategy and plan development.
25 May
BeSTGRID member Landcare Research led by Robert Gibb, The University of Auckland, and The University of Canterbury to develop Federated Identity Management resources kit for NZ Research Institutions: Today MoRST awarded the contract to Robert Gibb to develop a Federated Identity and Access Management resources kit along with some initial services for the NZ research sector.
12 May
BeSTGRID member The University of Auckland, led by Matthew Cocker to develop Federated Identity Management Strategy for NZ Research Institutions: Today MoRST awarded the contract to Matthew Cocker to facilitate development of a Federated Identity and Access Management Strategy for the NZ research sector.

Recent News and Events...

Related Projects
NZ Federation

Towards a Federated Identity: The project will facilitate strategy formation through a technology road mapping approach. This will include initial research of appropriate solutions, workshop to review candidate solutions with panel of people with IAM expertise and/or mandate from KAREN member organisations, and presenting candidate solutions back to the representatives for discussion and feedback.

Advanced Video Collaboration Centre

New Zealand researchers engaged in video conferencing and collaboration are supported by the Advanced Video Collaboration Centre,[1] a MoRST funded national centre providing support for a range of frequently used applications and services including:

  • Room based hardware and desktop software systems - H.323 based
  • EVO multi platform desktop software
  • Access Grid room based software systems

Learn more on the AVCC website ...

KAREN - Kiwi Advanced Research and Education Network

Running over KAREN
Running over KAREN

BeSTGRID's services are delivered to participating institutions over the KAREN network. KAREN is a high bandwidth dedicated research and education network which connects New Zealand researchers and educators to each other and to colleagues internationally.