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The following Grid tools might be particularly useful to grid users. Most of these tools need Java installed to run.


[edit] Certificate Management

[edit] Grix

  • Grix is the ultimate all-in-one easy to use tool for:
    • Requesting, retrieving and managing a certificate.
    • Managing the VO memberships.
    • Creating a local and remote proxy for a certificate.

On some shared computers, user doesn't have the permissions to write into the home folder. To force Grix to use user-writable location, such as a flash drive, user should download grix jar and bcprov.jar and store both files in a folder on the flash drive, i.e., "E:\grix".

Then open the command line: Start->Run... and enter a command of the form:

java -Duser.home=E:\grix -jar E:\grix\grix-jdk5-bestgrid.jar

Grix will create (or use) E:\grix\.globus as a folder for a certificate.

Note: Grix will require the full-strength encryption pack to export the certificate for a browser (PKCS-12 format): see for instructions.

Note: Grix will require you http proxy settings to be set up for Java in the Windows Control Panel applet, but this does not work for all Grix functions. Grix will not be able to do Shibboleth authentication from behind a HTTP proxy.

Grix requires the outgoing TCP ports http(80), https(443), 8443, 7512, and 15001 to be open.

[edit] Grix server and ports

This is the complete list of servers and ports required for Grix to operate: [http, https] [https] [https, 8443, 15001] [https, 8443, 15001] [https] [https] [https] [https] [https] [http,https] [http] [http] [http] [http] [http] [http] canonical name = [http] [http] [http]

[edit] ProxyLight

[edit] Job Submission

[edit] Grisu

  • Grisu Template Client is a tool for submitting and monitoring jobs on the grid - but it also can manage your files.
  • The easiest way to install Grisu is to use the NeSI Tools installer that installs Grisu (as well as other related NeSI tools)
  • Download the version best suited for your platform:

NOTE: For users behind a HTTP proxy, you may need to check Advanced connection properties and enter your proxy's address and port number and restart Grisu to get the list of Identity Providers (IDp) to populate correctly.

[edit] BeSTGRID portal

[edit] File Management

[edit] Hermes

[edit] SGGC

  • SGGC is another java-based client capable of accessing GridFTP storage systems.