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[edit] Principle Investigators

Nick Jones, Co-Director eResearch, Centre for eResearch, University of Auckland
Geoscience Lead
Prof. Mark Gahegan, Director eResearch, Centre for eResearch, University of Auckland
Bioscience Lead
Dr Mik Black, Senior Lecturer, Department of Biochemistry, University of Otago
Project Administrator
Stuart Charters, Lecturer in Software and Information Technology, Lincoln University
Technical Working Group Chair
Vladimir Mencl - Blue Fern Group, University of Canterbury

[edit] Project Governance

Steering Committee

[edit] Technical Working Group

The BeSTGRID Grid Technical Working Group coordinates the technical programme of work within BeSTGRID.

[edit] Communication

[edit] @bestgrid on Twitter


[edit] Stakeholders

Any user of BeSTGRID services that wants to stay in touch with our activities is encouraged to join our stakeholders mailing list:

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