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These resources are available on the BeSTGRID Category:Computational Grid for submitting jobs.

Resource name Location Architecture OS #CPU cores Freq Notes
BeSTGRID Auckland Cluster The University of Auckland x86 Xeon Linux 80 2.8GHz Operational, since June 2008. Current Status
BeSTGRID Auckland Test Cluster The University of Auckland AMD Linux 6 2.8GHz for testing purposes only
BeSTGRID Prototype Cluster University of Canterbury x86 Xeon Linux 4 3.0GHz Prototype cluster, serving the community since June 2007.
BlueFern p755 University of Canterbury Power7 AIX/Linux 416 3.3GHz 13 nodes, 32 CPU cores each.
BlueFern BlueGene University of Canterbury PowerPC Linux up to 8192 850MHz Available only together with a local account.
Maggie University of Otago x86 Pentium 4 Linux 10 3.0GHz No MPI available
Massey Cluster Massey University, Albany x86 Xeon Linux 208 3.0GHz Gateway currently not accessible.
Nautilus Auckland University of Technology x86 Xeon Linux 16 2.8GHz for educational purposes and KAREN CBF project Transient Radio Emission Array Detector
SCENZ-Cluster Landcare Research NZ ltd x86_64 Xeon Linux 96 2.8GHz Specialised for GIS and Bioinformatics work