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[edit] Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions people have or may ask about BeSTGRID, we will begin to add links to pages with answers as they become available. If you can't find your answer here, your question may be in our Unanswered FAQ, or you may need to add it to that page.

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What is a grid?
Who should I speak to so I can get started?

[edit] I am a new user

Are there tutorials for using BeSTGRID?
How do I get a grid certificate?
How do I get membership of a VO?
Do you run application X?
How can I get application X installed?
What is SLCS?
Can I store my data on the grid?
Will my data be secure, as it contains IP and/or human sensitive information?
I want to work some colleagues nationally and internationally, on a research project. Can you help me?
What is an LRM/Local Resource Manager?
What is Condor?
What is PBS/Torque?
What is SGE?
What ports do I need to ask my IT Service to open so I can use grid tools?
Is BeSTGRID connected to KAREN?

[edit] I want to link my systems to BeSTGRID

What is a grid gateway?

How do I install a gateway?
How do I share an existing computational resource X within BeSTGRID?
Do I need specific operating systems, software or competences to share existing resources through BeSTGRID?
What middleware do BeSTGRID resources run on
How can I share an existing Rocks cluster within BeSTGRID?

[edit] I want to know more about BeSTGRID

Why are the existing BeSTGRID resources the way they are?
Question not on the list?
Please visit our Unanswered FAQ.

[edit] Additional FAQ Articles

As well as the above common questions, there are many other articles in this wiki that fall into this category. Please search the index below for articles you may be looking for, or use the site Search feature.