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Start Computing on BeSTGRID
Using or Joining BeSTGRID 1. Obtain a Grid Certificate 2. Join a Virtual Organisation 3. Proxy Certificates 4. Submitting jobs with Grisu

[edit] Introduction

A Virtual Organisation (VO), or in a more informally, a "group", is a collection of people with permission to access particular services.

By joining a group, and having your request accepted, you gain access to the services associated with that group. This is done through Grix.

The default BeSTGRID VO is the /ARCS/BeSTGRID group, it provides access to all the 'freely shared' resources provided by BeSTGRID. Other groups provide increased levels of access to specific resources for a specific project, team, or institution associated to those VOs. In the procedure below /ARCS/BeSTGRID will be used as an example, just subsitute a different VO to apply for membership.

[edit] Joining a VO

Before you can apply for membership to a VO, you must have previously:

To Join a VO:

  1. Start the Grix application
  2. Select the Authentication tab
  3. Select the Local x509 tab in the Create/Retrieve proxy panel
  4. Enter your passphrase and click on Authenticate
  5. Select the VOs tab
  6. Select ARCS in the left panel
    • If your VO was of the form /SUPER/SUB, you'd select SUPER)
    • If your VO is missing, click on the Manage VOs button at the bottom left and drag and drop the VOs to activate them.
  7. Select the group you want to get membership for in the drop box at the bottom of the application
  8. Click on Apply

You should receive an email within 48hrs that your membership has been approved or rejected.